Manhattan - Then and Now

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How dense?

"The Dutch ideal": 100 dwelling units / 1 hectare.
1 hectare = 107,639 sq. ft.
This is the area of a square 328 x 328 ft

On average (U.S.), one dwelling unit is 1300 sq. ft. - a rectangle 56 x 24 ft.

The cross-section of a 2x4 (w/ actual dimensions 1.5x3.5 in) equals exactly! 1300 sq. ft. at 1/16"=1'0"

Total DALLAS_DENSITY site is 5000x2700 feet. (emailed Google Earth placemarks)

For Mebane: at 1/16"=1'-0", the dallas_density site is a rectangle with (actual) dimensions 26'-6" x 14'-9"

Within it, a hectare at 1/16"=1'-0" is a square with (actual) dimensions 1'8-1/2" x 1'8-1/2"