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"Quickborner Team fur Planung und Organisation" - a german consulting group from the 50s that proposed vast open-plan organization schemes for office space, with clusters of furniture and equipment homogenously arranged according to workflow "algorithms" .


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(from “the Image of the City”, 1960)

For inspiration: Read Kevin Lynch’s “The City Image and its elements” (from “the Image of the City”, 1960), in which he identifies urban elements as edges, paths, districts, nodes, landmarks, etc….



from Kevin Kelley's "New Rules for the New Economy" :

1) embrace the swarm ;

2) increasing returns come with increasing connections ;

3) focus on plentitude not scarcity ;

4) follow the free ;

5) feed the web first ;

6) let go at the top ;

7) from places to spaces ;

8) no harmony, all flux ;

9) develop soft relationships of all kinds ;

10) focus on opportunities before efficiencies.


Friday visit to the Triangle


Please find attached a site plan and street map of The Triangle, the location of our field visit Friday. Again, we are to meet in the open park area, located in the southern portion of the development, at 9:00 AM. Parking should be available on site in addition to their being easy bus access. If driving, please arrange car pools with your fellow students.

Maps: https://webspace.utexas.edu/npn83/d4/

We want to also remind everyone that this is a both a private business property as well as a residential property and that we are guests. Therefore, please act accordingly and be respectful of both privacy and property as we survey the site and development.